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Uptown Meridian - The Bonita Lakes Mall

If you haven’t been by the newly renovated mall in Meridian, now is a great time to head over and check out what all Uptown Meridian has to offer.  

Uptown Meridian is everyone’s favorite place to shop in beautiful Meridian, MS.  Uptown Meridian, formerly known as The Bonita Lake Mall, is a newly renovated mall with more than plenty to do!

With over 35 department stores, 6 restaurants, and a number of salons, Uptown Meridian is a most desirable destination for retail therapy and family fun.  Whether it’s the smell of freshly made pretzels or the marvelous American flags you see as young recruits excitedly fret about, you have to admit everything about this place says Southern charm.

This mall continues to be a popular spot for both locals and travelers to shop.  I have very fond memories of visiting my aunt and uncle in Meridian during the summer.  We always would go with my cousins and look at all the shops.  Now, as I walk from store to store, I get the feeling of nostalgia that overwhelms me with joy.

Uptown Meridian is more than just a mall.  There are endless things to do.  It has enormous retail stores, a variety of food options, and entertainment space that the family will love.

Uptown Meridian focuses on providing a family experience meant to be remembered with great affection.  Their belief is in small-town values, in building long-lasting relationships, and providing a positive, community experience for everyone.  It truly provides a unique travel experience and opportunity you won’t want to miss out on.