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Sweet Tea Summer

On Sunday, September 13th we celebrated the remaining weeks of Summer with a special event including sunflowers and sweet-tea.  With the convenience of McCallisters’ within walking distance, we picked up a sweet-tea for each resident and staff member and relaxed for a bit after church.  

Our time was made even sweeter by our talented resident, Sara.  As we sipped our tea on this sunny Sunday, Sara serenaded us with songs by Elvis, the Eagles, and Jimmy Hendricks on her guitar.  She then surprised us with a number of songs played on the harmonica.  We clapped and sang along.  

Each time we host an event at Meridian Living we develop friendships, learn new skills, and share a few laughs.  The camaraderie of our residents is apparent, and we are blessed to be a part of it.  

At the Meridian Living, we understand the importance of providing a wide range of activities to enrich the lives of our residents.  Monday through Friday we offer two activities a day, Saturday and Sunday we offer at least one activity a day.